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The accounts tabs

The Accounts tab has four sub tabs, which provide a quick way to review the account status regarding a funeral, and also indirect sundry invoices, linked to the funeral.

For example an invoice for some flowers to be delivered to the funeral, but paid for by a third party.

Transactions overview.

The first tab shows all the known transactions entered against this funeral, the large list on the left showing all manually entered charges, as opposed to automatically entered charges.

The top right list shows the invoice and payments directly for this funeral.

The middle right list shows any linked sundry invoices, and any payment entries.

And any allocations are shown in the lower right hand list.

Sundry Invoice or Credit note.

The second tab is where you can create a sundry invoice linked to this funeral.

Reminder Letters.

The third tab is where you can quickly send reminder letters for this funeral.

Simply select one of your pre-defined reminder letters, where you will then see a preview on the screen, and then simply print it as normal.

Payment Received.

The fourth tab is where you can enter a payment for either the main funeral account, or indeed a linked sundry invoice shown in the list on the transactions page.

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