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We have developed an app for an Apple iOS device, to be able to do some things whilst out and about on the move.

In particular this app allows photos to be taken for a number of likely reasons, whilst you are out of the office, ie photos of the current grave, id of a body that your picking up…

Also a number of quick status buttons to update the system as to what is happening, for example, the body has been picked up, is in transit…

First Installation

When you first install the application, it looks as though it is working, but in fact it will have none of your live data, and so we first need to set up the connection to your server.

From the 3 dots in the tops left, select the settings option, and fill in the server information.

The timeout of 5 seconds is normally fine, unless you have an unusually slow connection.

Clicking on the orange tab, will attempt to connect to the new server settings, if successful, it will let you know it is syncing, and then the login page will have a green title as shown in the images below.

If it fails then the Orange/Green tab will turn Red.


Succesful connection

After successfully connecting to your data, you will be able to login with you user login information which will get you to the funeral search screen.

On this screen you can search for current live funerals, pending records and pre-pay records.

Once you have found your record, you can click on it and see the details of that record.

The three other tabs visible from here, are further details of this funeral, firstly, the next of kin of the deceased, secondly, photos and information of the personal belongings, and finally photos of the grave memorial, or just other photos you wish associated with this funeral.

Confirm details

One option on the details page is confirmation of a body pickup, name, address, body status, personal property images can be taken, and image of any id tag on the body, and a signature of the person confirming the details.

Signing GDPR

Another option is to allow a signature for the purposes of GDPR.

Since this needs to be a next of kin member, then the available next of kin member are listed for you to choose who is signing, and then they can sign, on screen, their consent.

Adding Photos

Adding any type of photo will use the window to the right, where you can add a name of the object for your records, and then a photo, from the phones camera.

Status flags

Below are the set of screens currently setup to quickly set status flags on this funeral record.

As you can see, they are grouped into sections, to make finding the flag you wish to change easier to find.

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