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Funeral Details tab

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The Funeral Details tab is the same for the Pre pay screen as the Funeral screen.

Here all the details of the proposed or current funeral are entered, minster details, music hymn choices, donation recipients…

The hearse entry is from a lookup table from configuration, which you will have set up previously, giving your price for each hearse option you offer.

Like wise, the Limousine is a lookup, again with options and your prices of that option.

These prices automatically get added to the charges for this funeral.

There is also a section, if required, for a reception to take place, and details of when and where, and if you need to provide bearers for this.

If the service and committal happen to take place in different locations, then a separate section will show offering the ability for a different set of music and hymns for that location.

Donation recipients are again contacts with a category of the same name.

The plus button is a quick way to enter a new one, if your desired recipient is not currently in contacts.


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