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Standard Reports

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The Standard reports tab, is where you edit and setup all the reports that the system uses internally.

Each report holds within itself a default template, so if you double click on a report, and it is empty, the the system will be using the default template, editing the report will then offer to copy the template into the current document for editing, or you can choose to just start from an empty document creating your own masterpiece.

On this screen it is only possible to edit the documents already present, as the system will not recognise any other new records. If you want your own reports, check out the Ad-Hoc reports section.


The report editor

The main document area

This operates similarly to many document editors.

For a selected peice of text, there are options to change the font, colour, bold, italic, underline, super/sub script etc.

Paragraph or table cell alignment, spacing and indentation.

Page margins, size, and alignment etc.

All of these should be reletively straight forward for a normal computer user.

Its also possible to quickly add a table if you so wish.

Insert a floating text or picture box.

There is an option to import an RTF document to replace the current document you have in your system, however if it is a very complicated RTF document it may not come through exactly as you expect, and might need further editing to make it what you want.

The field lists

On the left hand side you will find the fields that can be dragged onto the document for entries from the funeral client, like a mail merge function might work.

They display on the document in grey, and any text formatting will be applied to text that replace the field when printed.

Some modifiers are available to either Capitalise the text or make it all upper or lower case.

For date entries, you can specify the date format, and we had a need to have the additional option of translating this date to Welsh, so a marker to indicate that this date needs to be in Welsh is also available.

The list of sections available changes depending upon which report you are editing.

An invoice for example will have the invoice lists option, which will provide a field of Disbursements for example, which when dragged over the document, instead of a single field being created, a complete list will be generated which will show all the disbursements for the invoice.

Additional sections

Its possible that you want access to some other variable that you think will be available when a report is printed.

If you right click on the sections list, then you can temporarily add another section to the list, and so giving you access the fields that that section would provide.

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