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The first tab is the admin page, a list on the left quickly showing the status of this job, and who did what.
Some early information can also be entered, type of funeral, doctors signing off the death..
An image of the green certificate can be stored on this tab.

The next tab is the deceased details tab.
Here the details of the deceased, where they lived, a photo, that maybe used in service sheets, where they died, if a coroner is involved, which one, with any additional costs.

The next tab is the next of kin tab.
Here you can enter any number of next of kin as required, also its possible to import a solicitors details, if there are no next of kin. One of these will need the Account flag set, this will be where any invoices are sent…

The next tab is the mortuary details tab.
This is for your mortuary, making notes of what you need to do, and the condition of the body.
Also viewings can be entered here, along with any notes for presentation in the chapel of rest.
Photos of personal belongings can be stored here also, so that they can be returned to the next of kin.

The next tab is the charges summary tab.
This summarises the charges that will be automatically generated from the entries that you entered in the previous screens.
Since this is pending, the figures are quote figures, you can make adjustments to the figures, or make it Free Of Charge, and add any relevant notes.

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