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The Admin tab

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The Admin tab, is the first tab for a funeral entry, and a similar tab can be found under pending entries.

Here you can set if this is to be a cremation or burial.

The list on the left shows a number of expected tasks to be done for this funeral to be completed, and when they are done, it shows who did it, and when.

The list is not fixed, it depends upon choices, for example if its a cremation or burial, some things only pertain to one of those choices.

On the Funeral page, you can select a funeral template, these can limit options for this funeral, set a coffin, set a professional services fee… these templates can be setup in configuration.

Doctors Forms section.

This is one both the funeral and pending screens, it gives you an opportunity to choose the doctors that completed the relevant forms, and when.

Also the green certificate number should be entered here, and a scanned image can also be added here for future reference… if this came from a pre pay record, then you will need to add this here, as it will be sent to the pre pay company directly from the system.


 A place to set the arrangement date/time and location.

An entry box is provided for What 3 Words – a location finding solution, which might be useful for hard to find locations.

Click to show tab…

Only visible on the Funeral page, simply designed to reduce clutter, if you don’t need a tab, why show it…

Also, depending upon the funeral template being used, certain tabs may not even be available for that funeral.

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